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Part Clamping Systems

Less effort, better results

Increase your productivity with a small but intelligent investment. Whether it is zero point clamping systems, special mandrel units or lathe chucks – any product is designed and manufactured with total care and devoted to make you reach your goals with less effort.

Smart solutions to get specific jobs done easier

> add capabilities to your machine tool
> automize your precision clamping
> precise, practical, proven solutions that help you save time & money

Collet TypePart Clamping SystemDownload PDF
Power Chuck
(pull-back chuck)
Clamping accuracy ≤ 10 µm
Maximum clamping force 100 kN
Maximum speed 5800
Clamping diameter 4-65 mm
Clamping positioning accuracy ≤ 10 µm
Maximum clamping force 150 kN
Maximum speed 5500
Clamping diameter 69-120 mm
clamping system
Repeat positioning accuracy ≤ 5 mm
1, 2 or 4 stations
Working pressure 0.4 - 0.7 Mpa

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