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INFRANOR Clamping Technology

High performance accuracy.

Benefit from our complete range of tool clamping solutions for almost any application. As a leading spindle supplier we are well aware of the importance of flawless tool clamping. Our systems are designed and manufactured to highest precision – achieving high clamping forces while maintaining good vibration damping for smooth and tool-friendly operation.

Efficient tool clamping:

> designed & manufactured to highest precision standards
> anti corrosion, long life finishing
> excellent price / performance ratio
> standard and tailor made solutions

Tool Holders

HSK, BT or ISO tool holding systems. Whether it is smooth or heavy machining, milling, drilling, reaming or thread cutting. Sustainabe surface finishing and precision excellence.


Engineered and produced to maximize precision, balance and tool life. ER, SK and KR collets that are best choice in any aspect.


Extend your machining capabilities with precise and durable part clamping such as zero point clamping systems and special lathe chucks for thin walled parts.