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Your uncomplicated and highly reliable partner for demanding servo-drive, servo-motor and motion control solutions.

Infranor, which was established in 1941, has focussed its activities on the automation of mechanical processes in industry since 1959.

We develop, produce and market automation solutions ranging from individual components to entire systems that have been developed and adapted in accordance with customer requirements. In these applications, we mainly use our own servo-motors, servo-drives, electronic systems, controllers and software. These components drive single axes and control their movements, coordinate multiple axes and control entire machines.

Infranor automation solutions provide fast and precise individual movements in machinery and overall multi-axes control of an entire application, system and equipment. Examples can be found in industrial manufacturing which include the packaging industry, industrial handling, food process industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, plastic and paper processing as well as in medical and nuclear engineering.

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Solutions in Motion Control

INFRANOR is an automation specialist for all branches of industry. We provide our customers with added value, with standard, personalized or custom-developed control solutions and components.

The products mainly used are servo motors with intelligent drives and control systems, resulting from our own developments and manufacture.

Solutions for all industrial sectors

The activities of the INFRANOR Group in the automation market target in particular the niches in which we develop optimal solutions, from the individual component to the complete system. These developments are carried out in close collaboration with the customer, so that the end result corresponds exactly to his expectations.

Global presence

INFRANOR operates in the main automation markets worldwide and has its own companies in Europe, North America and China. In other countries, our partners are agents and distributors outside the Group.

The specialist in complete automation solutions

INFRANOR also offers, through Cybelec, a complete range of components intended for the press brake industry. It also markets numerical controls  for the machine tool market.