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AC Servomotors


Innovative AC servo motors, stator without notches

Xtrafors BR


BR series multi-pole brushless motor, originally developed for direct drive use in AGVs, targeting a high torque-to-weight ratio.


Very compact AC servo motors Low inertia, high peak torque
Holding torque: 0.35...7 Nm
Frame size: 55...110 mm

Movinor T

Powerful standard AC Servo-motors
Robust design, wide range of standard models
Stall torque 0.1...115Nm
Frame size 37...240mm


Highly dynamic AC servo motors

Small footprint, low inertia, high torque
Torque at standstill: 0.3...215 Nm
Frame dimensions: 30...270 mm


Flat AC Servo-motors Low inertia, reduced cogging
Stall torque 1.4...30Nm
Frame size ø118...ø305mm

Movinor N

Very dynamic AC servomotors
This range of motors is based on totally innovative pole-winding stator technology. Optimized mechanical construction combined with high-power magnets give this range a highly favorable torque/size ratio
Stall torque 0.28...60Nm
Frame size 55...190mm

Movinor Low Voltage

Low voltage AC servo motors
Robust design, wide range of models
Stall torque 0.1...5.3Nm
Frame dimensions 37...98mm


Explosion-proof servomotor with flame-proof housing. Totally safe in hazardous environments. Low cogging torque.


AC servo motors for the food industry
Stainless steel shaft and housing, rounded corners
Torque at standstill: 1.28...4.75 Nm

DC Servomotors


Flat DC servo motors Low inertia, high Rated torque: 0.6...13.6 Nm Frame dimensions: ø118...ø305 mm

Linear Motors

Linear Motors

Fast acceleration, high speeds, with unmatched precision and accuracy.