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AC Servomotors


Highly dynamic AC servo motors

Small footprint, low inertia, high torque
Torque at standstill: 0.3...215 Nm
Frame dimensions: 30...270 mm


BR series multi-pole brushless motor, originally developed for direct drive use in AGVs, targeting a high torque-to-weight ratio.


Very compact AC servo motors Low inertia, high peak torque
Holding torque: 0.35...7 Nm
Frame size: 55...110 mm


Innovative AC servo motors, stator without notches


Flat AC Servo-motors Low inertia, reduced cogging
Stall torque 1.4...30Nm
Frame size ø118...ø305mm

Movinor T

Powerful standard AC Servo-motors
Robust design, wide range of standard models Stall torque 0.1...115Nm
Frame size 37...240mm


AC servo motors for the food industry
Stainless steel shaft and housing, rounded corners
Torque at standstill: 1.28...4.75 Nm

Movinor N

Versatile compact AC positioners
Configurable standard operating modes
Maximum current: 17 A/230VAC... 100 A/480VAC
EtherCAT, CANopen, RS-232, Stand-alone

Movinor Low Voltage

Low voltage AC servo motors Robust design, wide range of models
Stopping torque 0.1...5.3Nm
Frame dimensions 37...98mm

DC Servomotors


Flat DC servo motors Low inertia, high Rated torque: 0.6...13.6 Nm Frame dimensions: ø118...ø305 mm

Linear Motors

Linear Motors

Fast acceleration, high speeds, with unmatched precision and accuracy.