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Boost your automation

We extend the wide range of Infranor products for automation with our new COBOT. Collaborative robots can perform varied tasks in numerous applications. Working together with machine operators to increase efficiency in a cost-effective, safe and flexible way even in small workshops.

> Increased productivity and process optimization
> Consistent, accurate performance and flexibility
> Easy to use, quickly installed
> Optimized programming; Robot is programmed automatically through the CNC
> Safe and reliable
> Increased production time
> Quick return on investment

DCR-700-3-6DCR-1000-5-6DCR-1100-8-6DCR-1300-10-6DCR-1000-15-6DCR-1700-20-6Download PDF
Weight (Kg)162430383265PDF
Payload (Kg)358101520
Degrees of freedom6
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.02±0.03±0.03±0.03±0.03±0.05
IP Class54
SensorsSix-dimensional torque sensor
I/O2 inputs, 2 outputs
End actuator velocity<2m/s
InstallationFloor-mounted, inverted, cantilevered
AxisWorking rangeMax. speedWorking rangeMax. speedWorking rangeMax. speedWorking rangeMax. speedWorking rangeMax. speedWorking rangeMax. speed
Joint 1±180°±180°/s±180°±125°/s±180°±125°/s±180°±125°/s±180°±125°/s±180°±125°/s
Joint 2±180°/s±125°/s±125°/s±125°/s±125°/s±125°/s
Joint 3±180°/s±180°/s±125°/s±125°/s±125°/s±125°/s
Joint 4±200°/s±200°/s±180°/s±180°/s±200°/s±180°/s
Joint 5±200°/s±200°/s±180°/s±180°/s±200°/s±180°/s
Joint 6±200°/s±200°/s±180°/s±180°/s±200°/s±180°/s

Working principle, selection, installation

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