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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Spindles

Speedy, smooth and precise

The spindles are designed for drilling & routing. They deliver smooth, precise rotation for excellent machining results paired with maximum tool and spindle life even when working thick and hard boards. Optimized motor design allows for higher efficiency and torque which ups productivity by a large quantum. At the same time energy and air consumption are reduced to low levels.

Your benefit:

> broad speed ranges for a vast variety of applications
> high power output and torque for increased productivity
> high efficiency, durability and long service life
> unsurpassed cost efficiency

Max. Speed [rpm]Torque S1 [Nm]Power S1 [kW]Dia [mm]Length [mm]InterfaceLubricationBearing typeModelDownload PDF
60.0000,150,962259,1B005draw-in collet standard Φ3.175GreaseHybrid ceramic bearingPRS-062-60000-0.9BPDF
60.0000,21,562259,1B005draw-in collet standard Φ3.175GreaseHybrid ceramic bearingPRS-062-60000-1.5PDF
low speed winding 120.000
high speed winding 200.000
62222,9B049 draw-in collet standard Φ3.175GreaseAir bearingPDS-062-200000-0.9PDF
low speed winding 120.000
high speed winding 250.000
62223B049 draw-in collet standard Φ3.175GreaseAir bearingPDS-062-250000-0.75PDF

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