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INFRANOR Linear Motors

Fast acceleration & high speed meet unmatched accuracy

INFRANOR’s Linear Motors are direct drives, capable of fast accelerations and high speeds, whilst providing unmatched precision and accuracy.
Our linear motors are ideally suited for applications requiring high dynamic and ultra-precision, e.g., high-end CNCs or wafer processing, or those requiring high translation speed and forces like those found in industrial automation.
Two-way repetability [um]
CORELESS Linear Motors - U-shaped
Zero-cogging forces for movements with highest dynamics and ultimate precision.
AIRUp to 600Up to 100Up to 5Down to + 0,2StandardLM Series
AIRUp to 4'050Up to 675Up to 6Down to + 1StandardLD SeriesPDF
IRON CORE Linear Motors
High forces, acceleration, and velocity for powerful motions.
WATER/OILUp to 11'400Up to 4'000Up to 6Down to + 2IP65LS-W SeriesPDF
AIRUp to 3'333Up to 1'200Up to 6Down to + 2StandardLS SeriesPDF
Linear Motors MODULES
Long strokes, high rigidity and load ratio. Easy to install
AIRUp to 1'859Up to 707Up to 6Down to + 3StandardLS-M SeriesPDF

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