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Internal Grinding Spindles

Rotational excellence

Internal grinding, specifically machining small holes with small diameter grinding quills, requires maximum speed and stiffness. Our high speed internal grinding spindles stand out with compact yet powerful design and good damping for best surface quality.

Infranor spindles kit you up for top notch grinding

> highest precision
> good damping capabilities
> strong drives – powerful cutting
> compactness and ease of integration

Max. Speed [rpm]Torque S1 [Nm]Power S1 [kW]Dia [mm]Length [mm]Drive TypeLubricationBearing typeModelDownload PDF
24.00037,5150351,00Integrated motorOilHydrostaticIGS-150-24000-7.5PDF
30.0006,015,0120345,5Integrated motorGreaseCeramic ball bearingIGS-120-30000-6PDF
40.0001,294,080228,9Integrated motorGreaseCeramic ball bearingIGS-080-40000-4PDF
40.0001,86,0100256,8Integrated motorGreaseCeramic ball bearingIGS-100-40000-6PDF
42.000615,0120351,5Integrated motorGreaseCeramic ball bearingIGS-120-42000-6PDF
60.0001,368,5100264,5Integrated motorGreaseCeramic ball bearingIGS-100-60000-8.5PDF
80.0001,1910160305,00Integrated motorOilHydrostaticIGS-160-80000-10PDF

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