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Single Axis Direct Drive Series

Driving forces

Our single axis horizontal and vertical rotary tables come with a play-free, powerful and energy efficient torque motor. Bearing structures, motor housing and positioning system are designed, chosen and manufactured to meet ultra high precision requirements and a long service life. The innovative clamping structure allows compact design and outperforms the traditional disk brakes response time and rigidity by far. With superb positioning accuracy and high stability you are prepared to master your challenge.

Versatile and precise solutions

> powerful, play-free direct drives
> stable, unvarying torque value for high load operations
> fast and dynamic response
> smooth and quiet operation, long service life

PictureMax. Speed [rpm]Max. torque [Nm]Power S1 [kW]Dia [mm]Center height [mm]Max. load [kg]System integratedModelDownload PDF
400112,80,4212511030Fanuc, Mitsubishi, SiemensSDD-125-400-0.42PDF

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