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SINADRIVES manufactures linear modules with linear motor since more than 10 years. This technology implies a close collaboration with servo drives manufacturers to give a correct service to the user who must start up these two elements. At INFRANOR we have found an excellent partner, both at a technical and service level.

In recent years there is a trend for the integration of the drive together with the motor, either to optimize space in the electrical panel or to reduce wiring and thus achieve considerable savings in material and assembly time.

Thanks to the small size of the XtrapulsEasy DB drive, it has been possible to integrate directly into the moving carriage of the linear axis. In addition, a WiFi module has been incorporated that allows the orders to be transmitted to the linear axis wirelessly, saving, in this way, the communication wiring. This advantage is accentuated as the number of axes increases, or if it is necessary to control and monitor the axis, for example, from a mobile application.

To have a completely wireless module, power is transmitted through electrified monorails. There is no need for flexible cables or cable chains; being able to have a linear axis completely closed and protected from external elements.

The integration of INFRANOR drives with SINADRIVES linear motor axes has been simple and fast, saving engineering costs and achieving excellent time-to-market.


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