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VisiTouch CNC


VisiTouch CNC

VisiTouch CNC is an outstanding numerical control for
multi-axes Machine-Tools with a new solution

• Full Touch-screen CNC
• Full digital Numerical control with EtherCAT® and CANopen® interface
• Multi-channels architecture
• Unique programming experience thanks to its modern and friendly HMI
• Interface to all kind of external common market systems
• It can manage simple up to most sophisticated Machine-Tools
• VisiTouch CNC offers also an open system allowing high customization
• Running under Windows 10 for multitasking and networking

Main features for the user

• Modern streamlined glass surface touch screen
• User friendly HMI, thanks to intuitive programming
• Most highest precision thanks to sophisticated algorithms (developed especially for the Swiss watch industry quality)
• Industry 4.0 ready
• Remote control
• Remote alarms

Main features for the OEM

• All kinematics available
• Fast inter-operation, optimized movements
• Axis calibration (correction table)
• Probing cycles
• Tool life management
• Tool measurement
• Tool changer in hidden time
• Plugin architecture to implement specific functionalities including customized HMI interface and dedicated cycles