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Tool Holders

Tapered precision

Infranor tool holders with HSK / ISO / BT taper are defined by low runout and high clamping forces. No matter if shrink fit or collet chuck tool clamping – always get the clamping force, vibration damping and precision you need.

Get the best out of your machine tool with state of the art tool holders

> premium stability and precision
> excellent wear resitency
> use of high grade stainless steel
> complete range of the most relevant tool interfaces

Well balanced and stable tool holders to get the desired machining result. Precise tool positioning due to accurate and repeatable location within the spindle.

High precision for your milling, engraving and woodworking applications. Repeatability precision paired with superb wear and corrosion resistance.

Tool holders for a wide range of milling, drilling and tapping applications. The best choice for quick tool changes,highest positioning accuracy and machining speed.