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Matrix Injection Moulds confides in Infranor solutions for our molding technology

Matrix S.A. is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of high precision plastic injection molds and press dies. Founded in 1974, Matrix specializes in high cavitation molds for high volume packaging molding.

For the rapid cycle molding of hinged caps, known as flip top, Matrix designed its own technology, called IMCC. The “In Mould Cavity Closing” technology is characterized by molding and closing the lid of the closures in a very short time: With only 6 seconds for single-color parts and 11 for bicolor parts.

For the closing mechanism, which starts when the mold opens, the engineering department relied on Infranor’s servomotor solutions. The Infranor engineering service advised Matrix to provide the best solution. A previous study of the calculation of revolutions and the acceleration curves led to the choice of the servomotor from the N098 range. N series servo motors are ultra-compact with high torque and low inertia. The motor was installed with its corresponding control cabinet.

IMCC technology was officially presented at the latest edition of the K fair in Düsseldorf (Germany) and aroused the interest of attendees due to its high performance.


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