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Lathe Turning Spindles

Get the power & dynamics

Turning is one of the most commonly used machining technologies. Correspondingly we offer a range of direct and mechanically driven lathe spindles to match the variety of applications. To sustainably ensure powerful and dynamic turning capabilities of your machine tool, our spindles feature short acceleration times, low rotating masses, maximum smoothness and high torsional stiffness.

Get your next generation lathe turning spindles:

> motorspindles & mechanical spindles for outstanding productivity
> superb acceleration and braking behaviour
> high stiffness and precision
> maximum up-time

Max. Speed [rpm]Torque S1 [Nm]Power S1 [kW]Dia [mm]Length [mm]Spindle bore [mm]Drive PulleyCoding PulleyDrive TypeLubricationBearing typeModelDownload PDF
3.500n. a.n. a.230625,0868M-66T8M-52TBelt drivenGreaseBall bearingLTS-230-3500PDF
4.500n. a.n. a.170534,566V type8M-52TBelt drivenGreaseBall bearingLTS-170-4500PDF
4.500n. a.n. a.200555,0668M-60T8M-52TBelt drivenGreaseBall bearingLTS-200-4500PDF
4.500161,420,3200605,056n. a.n. a.MotorspindleGreaseBall bearingLTS-200-4500-20.3PDF
4.500282,544,4240618,066n. a.n. a.MotorspindleGreaseBall bearingLTS-240-4500-44.4PDF
5.000n. a.n. a.170481,0056V typeXL-60TBelt drivenGreaseBall bearingLTS-170-5000PDF
5.000n. a.n. a.200524,056n. a.n. a.MotorspindleGreaseBall bearingLTS-200-6000-34PDF
5.000535,260,6310586,377n. a.n. a.MotorspindleGreaseBall bearingLTS-310-5000-60.6PDF
6.000n. a.n. a.150462,0453-SPZXL-54TBelt drivenGreaseBall bearingLTS-150-6000APDF
6.000n. a.n. a.150462,0458M-40TXL-60TBelt drivenGreaseBall bearingLTS-150-6000BPDF
6.000n. a.n. a.170493,0564-SPZXL-60TBelt drivenGreaseBall bearingLTS-170-6000APDF
6.000n. a.n. a.170493,0568M-44TXL-60TBelt drivenGreaseBall bearingLTS-170-6000BPDF
6.00065,910,118048646n. a.n. a.MotorspindleGreaseBall bearingLTS-180-6000-10.1PDF
6.000287,820,6275488,286n. a.n. a.MotorspindleGreaseBall bearingLTS-275-6000-20.6PDF
8.000n. a.n. a.120405,0363-SPZXL-54TBelt drivenGreaseBall bearingLTS-120-8000APDF
8.000n. a.n. a.120405,0368M-32TXL-54TBelt drivenGreaseBall bearingLTS-120-8000BPDF

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