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Industry Chemicals

Industry Chemicals

Successful Story

CONLOG in Israel has been advising on the use of MAVILOR
MOTORS’ Servomotors for many years in Israel.
Our End-Client, ARINETA, is an Israeli company
that develops and produces innovative cardiac CT scanners.
ARINETA has developed the world first dedicated singleheartbeat,
whole heart cardiac CT scanner. This scanner is
distributed by GE Healthcare under the name CardioGraphe.


Medical system
Mavilor Motors

Why Mavilor Motors

The use of Mavilor Motors Servomotors

The rotation of the scanner is done using MAVILOR MOTORS - INFRANOR GROUP Servomotors.

Why Mavilor Motors?

In the words of ARINETA: “Extensive presence and experience in Medical Systems.”
“Very high voltage brushless servomotors with high dielectric resistance.”