XtrapulsEasy 60 VDC DB

XtrapulsEasy 60 VDC DB

The XtrapulsEasy 60 VDC DB servo drive is a plug-in module from the XtrapulsEasy 60 VDC range operating with a voltage of 24 VDC to 60 VDC. This ultra-compact and extremely light product (60x60mm) also has excellent vibration resistance, making it particularly suitable for on-board applications such as, for example, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV).



Very compact plug-in drive module
CANopen® DS301, DS402
Sensor: resolver or incremental encoder
Sensorless mode


Project Manager Commissioning Assistant Multi-axis configuration and diagnostics

Power stage

IGBT power stage Maximum current: 45 Aeff / 60 VDC


Wide range of sensors Additional inertia (LT range) ATEX versions


Safe Torque Off (STO) SIL 1