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Woodworking Spindles

Craftmanship meets high performance

Our solutions for the woodworking industry benefit in many aspects from the experiences we have made in metal machining. Clamping mechanism, bearing and coating technology allow for longer spindle service cycles. The series covers a multiple range of applications. Whether it’s doors, furniture or construction elements, the woodworking series is designed to operate reliably precise even in extremely dusty conditions.

Equip your machining system with our uniquely engineered woodworking spindles and get

> smooth and heavy machining capabilities
> superior balancing for ultra-high finish surfaces
> high robustness, dustproof design, long service life
> the engineering support you want

Max. Speed [rpm]Torque S1 [Nm]Power S1 [kW]Dia [mm]Length [mm]InterfaceLubricationBearing typeModel
24.0008,110,2110496,80HSK-F63GreaseBall bearingWWS-24000-10.2-HSK
24.00010,613,2110513,80HSK-F63GreaseBall bearingWWS-24000-13.2A-HSK
24.00010,613,2110456,5HSK-F63GreaseBall bearingWWS-24000-13.2B-HSK
24.00011,514,4100402,5HSK-F63GreaseBall bearingWWS-24000-14.4A-HSK
24.00011,514,4110511,8HSK-F63GreaseBall bearingWWS-24000-14.4B-HSK
24.000141895360,5HSK-F63GreaseBall bearingWWS-24000-18-HSK

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