Movinor N

Movinor N

The XtrapulsPac SF01 servo drive for controlling brushless motors completes the XtrapulsPac range with motion safety functions for monitoring motor behaviour. These functions protect the operator and the equipment from uncontrolled and dangerous movements when working on a live machine (safe stop).


DS402 with capture and master-slave Autonomous positioner
Electric axis function
Step-by-step emulation Analog variable speed drive mode


Drive Setup Wizard
Wizard for setting up security functions
Multi-axis configuration and diagnostics


Coders :
Hiperface DSL® (single motor cable)
Hall effect
Hiperface® single and multi-turn

Power stage

IGBT power stage
Maximum current :
17 A / 230 VAC ... 200 A / 480 VAC


Wide range of sensors Additional inertia (LT range) ATEX versions


Integrated SIL 3 Safe Torque Off function
SIL 2 motion safety functions:
-SS1 / SS2 / SOS / SLS / SDI / SBC
Validation of compliance with safety standards by TÜV