Movinor Low Voltage

Movinor Low Voltage

Movinor low voltage servomotors

LT range
The brushless synchronous servomotors with 6-pole stator are constructed and designed completely new. The modern concept of the magnetic circuit, winding and isolation creates torque reserves and increases the lifetime considerably.

LN range
These motors with stators manufactured in pole winding technology with optimized mechanical construction and stronger magnets result in an increase of power-density of 40% compared to the LT range.

The superior power density, the excellent accelerating, the compactness and the lightness ability make these motors perfectly suited for high-dynamic embedded applications in combination with the INFRANOR XtrapulsEasy 60VDC servo drive range.


  • Nominal torque 0.10 to 4.6Nm
  • Winding 48VDC
  • Sizes 37 to 98 mm


  • Wide range of standard models
  • Customized versions
  • CE and UL certifications


  • Ultra compact size
  • High torque
  • Low inertia
  • Protection IP-65 (IP-64 for LT037)


  • Wide range of motor feedbacks
  • Additional inertia (LT range)
  • ATEX versions