Palletising station

The customer needs to palletise 5kg soap powder bags, the application requires the highest possible production output, and is measured as number of loaded pallets per hour.

Handling up to 5 kg/bag size increases the flexibility of the PLC based machine.

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The Customer's marketing department requested a bigger bag size format and the palletising line had to be designed accordingly.

The original machine was designed in a way that the lifting mechanism had a counter-weight mounted permanently on the driving chain, so that the servo-motor was able to cope with the load variation between lowering with a load and also when empty.

The four strokes of the movement are: turn to 0º (full), lower (full), lift (empty), and turn to 90º (empty). The time allowed for each of the four movements is just a few seconds, and given the travelling distances, the speed is an important feature. For each movement the time consumed for accelerating and decelerating must be reduced so that the requested cycle time is met.


The machine configuration adopts #4 servo controlled axis: #2 for the raise/lower  movements, and the other #2 for the 90º tilt movement forward/backwards. The same two movements are linked with the electronic gearing function in a 1 to 1 ratio value setting on the XtraPulsCD1 drive.

  • The twin lifting movements use #2 XtraForsBLS-112 motors with 220V winding, resolver feedback, and failsafe brake, combined with a XtraPulsCD1a-400/14 drive offering a margin for additional peak torque for the required acceleration and deceleration system characteristics. The power and signal cables were also supplied to a customized length.
  • The tilt mechanisms use #2 XtraForsBLS-114 with 220V winding, same execution as above, and are combined with XtraPulsCD1a-400/30 drives.

Technical Concept

The machine manufacturer has adopted a PLC based solution with pulse and direction command signal to the drives. The twin platforms are linked with the electronic gearing function available from the INFRANOR drive.

The servo-motor features a low EMF constant value winding that, combined with a 400V AC power supply drive, allows a working point on the correct side of the torque/speed graph.

The MMI has been simplified to meet the production demands of a few bag sizes, by using hand switches on the operator panel. As a saftey function the servo-motors were fitted with a fail safe brake.

Used Infranor products

Customer‘‘s benefit / Why Infranor

The drive and servo-motor combination can deliver the necessary peak torque for the start and stop demands as well as the requested travelling speed to ensure the production output rate. Even with the very different and constantly changing load conditions resulting from the new bag size format the system performs as expected.

The mechanical design has been simplified, with the Infranor products the counterweight mounted in the lifting driving chain has now been eliminated.

With a shorter acceleration and deceleration periods in each of the four starts and four stops of one cycle the machine production rate has been optimised.

The start up of the machine using the Infranor's ‘Visual SetUp' software took half a working day for the first newly designed machine.

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